giovedì, gennaio 24, 2013

Futuristics shoes?

Benjamin John Hall
presents his work in a film that is itself an indispensable part of the collection.
Set in a clinically austere and almost antiseptic environment, it portrays the process of creating the shoes along with the various treatments performed. Here, the footwear is subjected to a series of experiments executed with surgical precision where the way the shoes respond becomes the final product.
There is certainly an underlying narrative quality in the implementation and presentation of the collection, with the shoes undergoing all facets of the human life cycle in biological and spiritual terms.
Throughout the production process, they develop into living organisms that give birth, bleed, die and are ultimately reborn. In this way, they can be described as sculptural pieces with corporeal qualities that become otherworldly manifestations of the human life cycle.

Umbilical  Geta Sandal

Turbulence Boots

NDK Skates

Lazarus Wedge

Ascension Wedge