giovedì, gennaio 24, 2013

We Hotel -Sao Paulo - Brazil

The creation of 'We' Hostel in São Paulo, Brazil, was the realisation of a dream for architect Felipe Hess. The opportunity to create a design hostel was one that Hess simply couldn't refuse, 'One of my best friends, Guilherme Perez, who I have known for over 15 years, called me one day and said that he wanted to start something new. He wanted to create a new hostel in São Paulo; the first design hostel in the city.’ The result of this ambition, joint vision and friendship is now a special building that stands as testament to a lot of work and even more talent.

Hess and Perez searched for the perfect house to convert and came across a stunning white mansion built in the early 1900s, the age and character of which was carefully considered and complimented in the design. Many traditional features have been preserved and showcased such as stained glass windows and original vitral in the main house which were encouraged to shine within the scheme. The white background proved to be a great canvas for both existing features as well as new additions such as the graphic design by Rodrigo Marangoni.

 Each piece of furniture now mixed with modern furnishings has been carefully sourced from flea markets and many pieces have been lovingly restored, giving the overall design a personal touch and individual character. The use of urban touches such as the use of black on the window frames really highlights features such as the shutters and stunning original floors. Eclectic vintage lamps, coffee tables and chairs give the hostel a homely and comfortable feel which brings together the traditional building and strong new design touches, such as the different coloured bathrooms which full of character have been kept in-keeping with the house then given a rejuvenating splash of colour.

Every component of the design has been included to enhance the aesthetic, whilst also providing a unique and welcoming function. The long black shelf that was built to house books about the city and the bold red desk, designed by Felipe, sit cheerfully in the entrance where guests are fully welcomed. Some of the bathrooms and the simple yet very relaxing bedrooms open onto the calm patio space; the perfect place to unwind and socialise over food and drinks. The kitchen is industrial and functional and there's a glass entertainment room in which a low ceiling has been imaginatively painted with blackboard paint to allow visitors to leave messages, all in all a joyful and inclusive space.

'We' Hostel is a beautiful place to visit. It started as a dream project and the result is a dream design hostel, the first of its kind in San Paulo, and one that will be welcomed and enjoyed for years to com